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Why should you adopt the ET&F Fastening System?

We know this tool adaption will shift your paradigm from wood to sustainable structural metal framing. These tools are your bridge, the transition you have been seeking. ET&F's sustainable tools will transfer you into a cleaner, faster, and more efficient building model, reducing your cost, waste, & time on any project. The tools are here, beginning at the brand foundation with the Aerico 90 & 710 and finishing with ET&F Brad Nailer's 210A & 110A for all your trim and finishing work. Each tool description is available by clicking on the read more buttons, revealing a detailed page from the manufacturer on how to use the tool and for which application. Print these out or share them with your architect or job boss for application operations. Invest in your future today with ET&F by Beck - America. I did in the late 90s without regrets. These tools are your secret weapon for success. Still Skeptical. Call me. I am here to help you when you are Ready! Click on each tool image to be taken to the shopping cart to make your purchase. Remember also to order your fasteners for each tool. Free tool offers are available depending on the number of fasteners required for your job. CALL NOW!

NOTE: Some tools offer a quick start bundle, including the starter fasteners. Review your project plans to determine the required fastener lengths and specifications. We know the ET&F Fastening System by Beck-America will exceed your minimum job requirements. Call or place your order requirements now!

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Aerico 90

Engineered for the power and durability required for use with steel and concrete substrates. The power to drive into poured concrete or 3/16" steel.

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ET&F - Model 710

Engineered for the power and durability required for use with steel and concrete substrates.
 • Wood sheathing and wood structural pannel diaphragms to steel framing (IAPMO ES ER-335)
• Hardie Plank® lap siding to CMU (ICC-ER-2290)
• Wood nailers to steel, concrete, cmu and trailer construction, even subterranean basement waterproofing.

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ET&F - Model 620 

• Face nailing HardiePanel® fiber cement siding to steel framing (ICC ES ESR-1844)
• Wood sheathing and wood structural panel ­ diaphragms to steel framing (IAPMO ES ER-335) Wood-to-Steel 15° Coil Nailer, 1" to 2-1/2"
• Interior drywall to steel studs 20ga and heavier
• Steel to steel fastening

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ET&F - Model 510A

The sequential fire Model 510A pneumatic tool has adjustable depth control that precisely places the pin at the desired depth in plywood. The exclusive design of the Model 510A tool drives the largest 5/16" headed pin on the market.

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ET&F - Model 500A

• Wood sheathing and wood structural panel diaphragms to steel framing (IAPMO ES ER-335)
• Wood nailers to steel track or steel studs
• Stucco lath to steel framing (requires washer)
• Rigid foam insulation to steel framing (requires washer)

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ET&F Model 710 Tool

Now you can pneumatic nail any sub-straight finish directly to concrete block verses stucco finish. 

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